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This website is my digital studio, a place where I can experiment without constraints. It's also my personal assistant, it helps me when I doubt on how to do something I have done before. It invites me to write (and then find) my personal knowledge online. A tool for documenting the things I learn.

I couldn't find a static site generator (SSG) that met my needs or the structure of my content. So I thought I'd write it myself, bit by bit. At first it was just a minimal list of content. And as time went by and the lines of Python code grew, the system became closer and closer to what I had imagined, right up to the present day.

This website is built with a custom static site generator that I wrote in Python. It's open-source by default, as all the things I (try to) do. Sources are available on Github.

I'm not recommending that you use it as it is (because it's very personal and not well documented), but rather that you take inspiration from it. Inspire you to take control of your tools, your data, your personal space.

Created 31/03/2024

Updated 31/03/2024