The most common password ever

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According to this page, the most common password ever is … 123456. It's so basic and evident I wanted to stick it on my laptop to send the subtle message to the people around me that their password is maybe not the best.

And you, is this one of your passwords?


Vinyl cutter

The vinyl cutter we have at Fab Lab Barcelona is a Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24.

  • Work area: 584 x 24998mm
  • Cutting speed: up to 500mm/s
  • Cutting length: maximum 25m
  • Cutting width: 50-700 mm
  • Cutting force: 30 to 250gf


The process of cutting something with a vinylcutter is straightforward:

  • Prepare your .EPS file
  • Import it into the software of the machine, CutStudio, by going to Object > Image Outline to get the trace of the design.
  • Prepare your sheet of paper and insert it into the machine (from back to front), adjust the blade to be sure that the cutter will not cut through the material but only the surface.
  • Set the size of the sheet via the machine commands and tell it to the software running on the computer attached to it
  • Move the blade and set the origin, depending on the size of the design and the avaible material size.
  • Press the Print button, or type Ctrl p to start cutting.

The next step is the get your cut out of the sheet, wich may not be easy depending on your design, if it's detailed or not.

A good practice is to apply several strips of adhesive tape on the cut sheet to stick the different pieces together and then apply it where you want to stick your sticker. It works almost like a charm (it always does, right?).




The font used: is open-source; is designed by Raphaël Bastide; is called Terminal Grotesque. Find it on Github.


  • The most common password ever (EPS)

Created 17/02/2020

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