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  • FYI on DIYs in PHL: Data Garden: "The sensors are “psycho galvanometers” which graph changes in galvanic response (electrical “skin” conductance/resistance) by producing a square wave of variable frequency and pulse width. Built from a 555 timer IC and a handful of electronic components, each sensor is attached to a leaf on a particular plant using an electrode of silver wire and conductive gel."
  • The Lessons To Be Learned From Forcing Plants To Play Music: The consumer version of the invention includes sensors that issue small signals through the plant, measuring variations in electrical resistance between two points within it. "The variation in the connection is largely related to how much water is between those two points, which changes a lot as the plant is moving water around while it's photosynthesizing, then we graphed that change as a wave, and then we translate that wave into pitch, so then essentially we're getting a stream of all these pitch messages coming from the plant."
  • Singing plant: Make yout plant sing with Arduino, Touche and a Gameduino.
  • Biodata Sonification kit using breadboard, for Arduino Uno 'Sheild'
  • Biodata Sonification on Instructables
  • Programmable-Air (Github project) is an open source hardware kit for controlling inflatable soft robots.
  • Open Soft Machines
  • Touche for Arduino: Advanced Touch Sensing

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