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leader key ,

  • quit q
  • move h j k l
  • move line by line in a paragraph g + j k
  • visual mode v
  • normal mode esc
  • insert before the cursor i
  • insert after the cursor a
  • insert at the end of the line A
  • begin a new line below the cursor and insert o
  • begin a new line above the cursor and insert O
  • copy y
  • cut d
  • paste p
  • paste above P
  • replace r
  • undo u
  • redo ctrl + r
  • undo all changes on the line U
  • delete text d
  • delete line dd
  • delete text (and yank to the buffer) and enter insert mode c
  • delete the line and enter insert mode cc
  • delete until the end of the line and enter insert mode C
  • go to first line gg
  • go the last line G
  • open files , space
  • open files in the buffer , b
  • close current file (buffer) :bd

Created 03/01/2021

Updated 03/01/2021